Monday, September 12, 2011

52 lists in 52 weeks// week 15

Sorry for the delayed post.....but here it is!!!!

List #15:
"Things I am obsessed with as of late"
(my list):
-twitter (a new obsession and i'm not entirely sure how/why it happened, haha)
-instagram (seriously my favorite iphone ap)
-blogs (more so reading than posting, but i have so many favorites and i love checking them everyday....a little much? maybe.)
-coke (the nest soda ever)
-starbucks (i try so hard not to spend all my money there, but since i get points for my spendings, its hard not to go there a lot these days)
-reading (i've gotten into an awesome series (The Mistborn) and it's been hard to put down)
-gossip girl (guilty pleasure show)
-toms (i want soooo many more pairs!)
-football (tis the season!)
-pinterest (i cant get enough of that site)

What is on your list?
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