Thursday, September 22, 2011

fall is......tomorrow

My favorite season is finally upon us!!!! I have to admit, while I wish I lived in a place that looked like the above photo (which was found here) just having cooler weather and a slight change in tree colors here in good ole' Florida does the trick for me.

And might I also add that I am a bit jealous that some of yall have had "Fall" weather for a while now. Currently in Jax it is still close to 80 or 90 degrees...which makes it hard to wear sweaters and drink hot teas and coffees, but I do it anyway.

So now tell me, what is your favorite thing about Autumn????
I think mine is the changing weather. When it gets cooler outside and you can wear a sweater. *love*



Debbie said...

My fav is the leaves...definitely the leaves. Love those colors!

Danielle said...

I could never pick one thing about autumn. I love it all. I'm an Indiana girl who now lives in lower Alabama, and I miss the cooler weather, colored leaves, annd cozy atmosphere. While it may be 80 out right now, we will get in the 50-60s soon enough. I know how you feel though. I love autumn!

kitten roar said...

what's not to love about fall? pumpkin spice everything, curling up on overcast days with a sweater, a book to read, and a mug of hot apple cider, burning candles, cuddling, HALLOWEEN!! where i'm from in Michigan, Fall really looks like that picture! unfortunately i'm in chicago now where it's not as pretty in the fall, but the atmosphere is still there :)

Manda Jane said...

mine is definitely the change in weather and it getting cooler out! I'm in TX so I feel your pain. We are still in a drought and 90+ degree weather :( I'm rocking the cute Fall sweaters to work anyway though!