Monday, January 9, 2012

2012// goal 2

Goal 2 was written simply: document the year. To some this might seem a little too vague and in need of explanation. For me, it's the perfect summary. I usually hate vague, but for my goals this year, I felt it fit perfectly. This way, I can break it down in numerous ways.

So document the year..... I've already started in tons of ways.

1. a minibook.
After always seeing the cute minis on one of my favorite blogs, I decided that this year, I would try my own version (again). I had tried before in numerous ways (sketch a day, picture a day, journal entry a day) and none of them stuck. But Elise seemed to have a different approach. Don't do it every day, but document the large things, the good things. So I sat down and created a mini in which to document the big things.

2. journaling.
I use to journal like it was my job. Perhaps, it's because it was back in high school before I got a job... But nonetheless, I loved it. I know that it's a big commitment, but I am going to try journaling everyday for an entire year. They won't necessarily be large entries, but it will be something for me to look back on. And the best part is it will between myself and the pages only. So I cna be completely open.

3. 365 project.
I feel like this was more of a fad a couple of years ago. And I did try to do it then, but it was before I had a digital camera and before I had an iphone....both of which make this project a lot easier. (A lot of these photos are on instagram, so feel free to follow me to see the pics I'm making.... username: kelzify).

4. I even signed up for a journaling all year (52 ideas) class (which most of you have probably heard of).
Since I want to journal more and I have created the cute little (or not so little) mini, I decided that this little journal class would not only be fun, but a good way to broaden my journaling abilities. Plus, who doesn't get stuck and need some inspiration? I'm really excited to start and then add the pretty pages to my 2012 minibook!!



ChinkyGirLMeL said...

This is a nice goal. I've been wanting to document the year too, these ideas are perfect. Happy 2012 sweetie!

alovelylittleworld said...

This is a great goal! I cannot for anything journal every day... although oddly i find art journalling everyday a bit more do-able. weird.