Sunday, January 8, 2012

52 lists in 52 weeks// week 32

I'll just go ahead and say it...I use to have a huge problem with being alone. Sometimes I still dislike it, but since I've grown up (some) and I spend so much of my time surrounded by people, I thoroughly enjoy my alone time now. But it wasn't always like that.

When I think about it now, it's silly. There are so many things that we have to do go to the bathroom, go to the doctor, surgery, sometimes shopping, sleeping, sometimes driving, etc. So why is it that it seems so daunting to some (including past me)?

Instead of trying to dissect this, because that's probably something way too involved and would probably make anyone who reads this blog (including myself) want to stop (again, including myself). So instead, I decided to take another approach. Why not make a positive list of fun things that include being by yourself?? Besides being more optimistic, this (I think, at least) be a fun way to make a list to carry out. Things to do all by myself. A list that I need to keep close and remember to do every once and awhile to keep myself refreshed and happy.

List 32: Fun things to do by yourself.
ride your bike
take yourself to lunch
go to the gym
go to the bookstore or library and find something new
go for a walk
go out for coffee and people watch
shop (window or actual)
cook a new meal
watch a movie (either out or at home in your pjs)
go out for a drink
go to the park (hang out, play a game solo, people watch, feed the birds, climb a tree...)
go on a drive and get lost

And watch this video, because it's amazing and you'll be glad you did.

Your turn. Can't wait to see everyone else's lists!

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Nikki Brewer said...

Love the video...
I used to be scared of being alone in high school..but now that i am a mom with a husband and now two famalies..i love being alone!!

*krystyn* said...

the link up page doesn't seem to be working...

Joisey Dani said...

I watch that video for inspiration and happiness whenever I feel the pangs of loneliness hitting me.


alovelylittleworld said...

That movie is amazing but oddly it made me feel very sad. :/ hmmmm love u kel!

alovelylittleworld said...

That movie is amazing but oddly it made me feel very sad. :/ hmmmm love u kel!