Friday, January 20, 2012


Realization: for the past 5 months I have been working 50 hour work weeks.
I'm exhasuted.
And suffice to say, I am really looking forward to vacation in 2 weeks. I just need a break from life. Don't get my wrong, I do like my life, a lot. But working so much has taken a lot out of me. And well, to be honest, I've never been a work-aholic. Sure I put a lot of effort in what I'm doing (for the most part), but work isn't my life. I like to enjoy other things too. And I guess lately I've felt like I've been working so much (10 hour days here people) that when I get home (and maybe go to the gym and do dinner) I'm exhausted. All I want to do is read until I fall asleep (which doesn't take long).
But I gots to pay the bills..... yay for being a grown up (who's with me?) haha...