Sunday, February 19, 2012

an amazing weekend

This weekend some of my girlfriends and I went to Savannah for the day. I seriously love that city. Part of it is my geekness and loving history, some of it is that it holds tons of fun memories, and another large part is that there is always so much to do.
The girls and I started our day with mimosas and beignets, then we swung by the daquiri bar (for me), shopped all over the city, walked the squares, sampled candies, tried some cupcakes (ok-me again),had an amazing lunch with a view (I ordered a fried green tomato blt, YUM), and then we headed home. It was a great "vacation" day.

Then that night I went to a co-worker/friend's birthday dinner at The Melting Pot. (Okay can I just say that the food there is amazing?!)

After getting home at almost midnight I fell into a food coma. And woke up one happy camper ready to go to brunch with my parents and Steven.

All in all, such a great weekend.

How did you spend yours??


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