Monday, February 20, 2012

the search for jobs and roommates

I found these "poster like sayings" on pinterest and today I was definitely reminded (again) of their truth.

I've been struggling the past couple weeks (almost months) about trying to find a summer job (yet again). The jobs I currently am working for aren't necessarily going to be an option for me (due to money and schedules) and I've been stressing.

But today, a co-worker passed on a possible job opportunity for me. Not only that, but she's already recommended me and sang my praises.
It's one of those "God things". And I can't help feeling blessed.

Now I just need to remember this in regards to my search for a roommate. We have a month to find someone and while we had options, they fell through. I know that I need to just leave it up to God, and trust me I am trying.
After all, with Him things always work out. Maybe not the way you anticipated, but always for the best.




Tee said...

I really needed this post and this reminder. I've been search for a job for quite some time now and I've been having little success. It's starting to stress me and I'm really starting to worry that I'll be out of a job for a really long time. Thanks for reminding me to leave it all up to God, he will handle it.

Nick said...

This helps me lot.Thanks for sharing