Saturday, May 18, 2013

links, links, links!

 Happy Saturday from me and Chlo!!!

16 ways to add some organization to your home. Love this!!

Movie poster cliches. Totally worth checking out.

I'm pretty excited for this new photo camera app, created by some of the most crafty bloggers.

These ideas are pretty ingenious.

10 life changing and amazing sentences.

Photos of the most insane and  interesting places all over the world.

This Barcelona home is so perfectly and beautifully finished. I'm kind of smitten. Actually the whole website is pretty inspirational and awesome.

We all have awkward moments, but these 15 are pretty great.

I love this post about Japan. It's a few of their most important words, meanings and helps explain Japanese culture. A must (and quick) read.

This mug is perfect for a teacher...hint hint. hehe

I'm pretty sure I could spend all day shopping at this online store.

How amazing is this necklace?? (Found via this pretty lady's blog.)

Speaking of that awesome blogger, in her link post, she shared this amazing post..... 44 reasons why you're chandler bing. PS- I am totally a chandler! lol

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