Tuesday, May 7, 2013

26 before 27

 I love making lists anyway, but these birthday lists are my absolute favorite. Although, sadly I've been pretty bad about achieving them all. I think from last years I may have only fully completed 8 and almost completed another 5 or so. I really do loathe the fact that I haven't had one year where I've reached every single goal, but maybe this is the year!!! (One can dream).

So my 26 before 27 list:
photograph a family (new family)
make my own postcard
visit a new state
walk rim to rim at the Grand Canyon
get in shape for said trip
repurpose at least 3 things
teach Chloe new tricks
photobomb a photo
finish my 25 restaurant list (a halfway goal from last year)
fill/finish an art journal (another not completed item from last year)
go on a girls trip
take really good self portraits (and I hope to use the tripod Steven got me for my bday to help!!)
lose about 10 pounds
do vlogs
pay off debt
write a book
host a game night
go camping
get better at writing friends and pen pals
create a new tradition
write a kickass maid of honor speech
bike more
go on a trip with just Steven
start a photography blog
make homemade popsicles
do at least 5 acts of random kindness

Well, there you have it folks. 
Have you created one of these? If so, please share!! I love reading other people's lists!


Last year's 25 before 26.

My 24 before 25 (and 23 before 24).

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Amanda Rose said...


I am currently working on mine! I think I picked a few too many goals, though. It really is getting down to crunch time... It makes me feel better that you didn't complete all of yours (in the nicest way, of course) because that means that I'm not the only one who might not be able to finish all goals.

Amanda Rose