Tuesday, May 14, 2013

the 1,000th post

To some this may just be a number, but to me it's more of an accomplishment. I've been here and working on this site for 6 years. 6 years!!!!
I think about this though and it's almost bittersweet.... yes I've shared a lot here, which is my main reason for loving this space, but I also haven't seen evolve into what I hoped it would be. It's not the inspirational place I planned on.
So now I have a goal! Throughout the next 1000 posts (which hopefully won't take another 6 years)  I plan on making this space exactly what I want it to be. Cannot wait.

And now, in honor of 1000...here are some other numbers.

2007- the year I started this blog
7/3/07- the day I made my first post
26- the age I am now
20- the age I was when I started this blog
1- followers I started with
508- followers my blog currently has 
134- page views today
16- giveaways I've had here on the blog
5- jobs I've had since starting this blog

And now some photos....oh the memories (and the hair!!!)

 (with my pal Ashley)

 Thanks to all of you that have kept (or started) reading my blog. I appreciate every one of you for joining me in my ramblings and stories. Y'all are the best!!! Thank you for hanging in their with me.

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