Saturday, May 11, 2013

link love


Last year I did a 52 list project. This year, Moorea Seal is doing one and each one includes a challenge. Love!!

Negative Space artwork- love it!!

I already wanted a window seat/space but this site makes me want it even more!! So many great ideas too!

Rings inspired by Disney princesses. I have to say, Cinderella was always my favorite (and the ring inspired by her is my favorite too!)

I also stumbled upon this blog and am quite smitten. I kinda wish I was her.....

And then there's this wonderful blog!

And this awesome one too!

This might be one of my favorite places in Jacksonville!!

This dress is stunning!!! I want it so badly!

This amazing blogger posted this link for these amazing dolls on her link post. Pretty awesome!

Holy cow, this post makes me want a house now! And I would also like just about everything on this list.

Behind the scenes of some of the best movies.

Fashionista blog on TJ Maxx- kinda in love. And I really want to be one.

Seriously too cute. This artist takes children's drawings and makes them into real stuffed animals!

I'm pretty much in love with everything about this inspiration blog.

Which dog is real? haha

Such an adorable blog and I'm totally jealous/in love with her shop.

Going on a road trip??? You have to check out this site first.

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