Sunday, June 30, 2013

link love

Another round of awesome links!!! Enjoy.

Make your own granola bars? Yes please!

A friend of mine told me about why Sabra hummus is being boycotted, but luckily I found a recipe for homemade! Win!

Toilet paper roll art, that actually looks awesome!

A new (to me) blog that I am trying not to spend my entire time on. But there are so many great ideas and DIYs on it!

Have you seen this show? My bestie introduced Steven and I to it and I'm hooked!

I'm really in love with this blog. Can I be her?

Ultimate tic-tac-toe. I should really teach my students this. It makes it more challenging! 

Brown-sugar blueberry cookies??  I'll be trying to make these soon!

37 Things that could only happen in Florida. (As a Floridian, I love this post!!)

Ever wonder how people create their own vintage ecards on pinterest and facebook? Check here and make your own! Here's mine:

This is so incredibly funny and true about dogs. Chloe fits a lot of them!!

Best Wedding Photography of 2012. These photos are absolutely genius and inspiring. I want to go photograph a wedding like right now!!!

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