Tuesday, July 30, 2013

my very many looks

I was looking through pictures the other day and I realized that I've had a lot of looks. So I decided to share my memory lane of hair and looks with yall.
 (pardon the sombrero and mustache, it was my birthday- Cinco de Kellie)
These top 2 pictures though were how most of my youth was (when my mom didn't give me a mullet type hair cut...and no those are not going to be pictured...EVER). I remember that I had my high school boyfriend's prom the day before mine. So for his I had my hair long (to my butt) and curly (wish I could find those photos) and then the next day I chopped it off to my shoulders.
But during the beginning of college I pretty much kept it long and blonde.

 Until that day when I decided to get crazy and chop it really short. I think this was probably the shortest I've ever gotten my hair. I really liked it, but styling it was a beast.
 And then I frosted it more and more to keep it the pretty blonde I wanted it to be.
 And I let it grow out a little bit.
 But then I went through a breakup and decided I need a change. A bold one. So I dyed my hair brown. First it was more of a chestnut brown.

 But then somehow it got dyed black.
 However, I decided I liked the brown a lot better, so I let it fade some and even curled it a little more. PS. I call the above photo my indie stage.
Then I tried modeling a little bit- so I styled it a little more...posh. I think this is one of my favorite looks, because I seem to keep going back to it....
I also keep going back to the long brown hair.  Especially when it gets colder out- I just love having longer hair!

But see, I keep going back to the short chestnut!!

This last picture is how I've had my hair for awhile now. I tried to go back blonde, but I got highlights instead. Boo. 
But yesterday I did get more blonde in my hair. So it actually looks blonde now! 

I should also mention that colors not shown in this trip down memory lane: auburn, brown/red, pink, blue, long, long blonde hair, and current blonde/brown hair.

Thanks for joining me in my dorkiness!


Anonymous said...

Kellie! I too dyed my hair BLACK when I went through a break up hahah. And I too went through an "indie" stage! We are so much alike!! ;)

Shana Norris said...

Love it. I've changed my hair A LOT through the years, too. My current style might be the one I've kept the longest, simply because it's cheap and easy. I can go 6-9 months without a trim when it's this long.

Amanda Rose said...

You look great in all of the hair! I've always wanted to go blonde but could never pull it off. I have blonde highlights now and that is as far as I think I'll ever go. I ended up with black once, too.
I have this horrible urge to chop mine down to my shoulders but so many people love love it long and I kinda do, too.

You are lucky, though. your look is so versatile!

Amanda Rose