Sunday, July 7, 2013

NASCAR, year 2 (plus the beach)

 So this weekend, Steven and our friends and I took our (what is now annual) trip to Daytona for the NASCAR race, Coca-cola 400. It's definitely always interesting and fun (except for trying to find a cab on the way back to the hotel). 
We always start the day going to the beach and hanging out. This year I got pretty red though....I blame forgetting to reapply sunscreen to playing bochee ball. 
Then we head up some awesome food at our normal place (and play some shuffleboard). And to end it all, we head up to the race!
 One thing I love/hate about Florida, especially middle Florida are all the tourist traps. But they make for interesting photos. 
I also don't understand the oranges by the gas pumps..... it's really not kosher and freaked me out a bit.

 Below is our awesome group of friends. Gotta love the Nascar mustache.
And after the race, there was an amazing firework show. It was one of the best I've ever seen. 
 Although mine and Steven's guy, JG (Jeff Gordon for yall known Nascar folks) wrecked, I was okay with Jimmy Johnson winning.
 But the best part of the race was after the race and the fireworks, when a little yorkie pup made its way onto the track and tons of workers tried to catch him. The entire crowd cheered as the dog escaped their attempts and then cheered later when one of the workers actually caught the pup to take him back to his owners. 

Warning: below is me being emotional.....
so don't say I never warned ya!
I have to say, Nascar fans are one of a kind. 
And I do see why my dad liked it so much.
 Although, it made me sad that the crowd no longer holds up a 3 on the third lap in honor of Dale Earnhartd. He was my dad's favorite race car driver and died the same year as my dad. They were also the same age. So to not see a crowd of 3's made me feel like too much time has passed- like he's been somewhat forgotten. And the sap in me compares that to my dad- and the thought of anyone forgetting my dad makes me upset and even mad. How can people forget such a wonderful person? Especially when memories are all we are left- I don't want them to begin to fade. I don't want it to ever be okay not to hold up a 3- whether it's mainly for Dale or my dad, I don't care. I will do it every freaking time and I will remember how that year we lost so many people and the world greyed a little bit because of it.  But how the world is overall a better place because they were once a part of it. 

-the sap,


Sew Much To Say said...

Next time it is time to hold up the 3 (I wouldn't know,because I don't watch racing and never had) you let me know what time to do it and I will stand up and hold my three and cheer for you and your dad and his favorite driver! Even if I'm not near a TV! Glad you are having a good time on a lighter note. Its great to have mini vacations.

Amanda Rose

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

aw amanda- you are sooo sweet!!! thanks!~

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