Wednesday, July 17, 2013

a new blog

One of my goals this year was to create a photography blog for myself. I wanted a place that was only my photography work on a blog, something separate from my personal blog. The main reason for this was because I was, and still am, hoping to make photography a second career, especially during the summers. I wanted a blog only for photos so that it would be more professional.

So I created this photography site.

And now I'm going back and forth on this idea.

The pros are that it keeps it professional looking- career separate from personal life. It also gave me the chance to work with another site instead of blogger. For the photography blog I went with wordpress. I honestly wanted to see how/if it would differ from blogger. And trust me, it is!

The deltas are that while I was hoping the new site would be easier and even more fun to manage, it hasn't been. Maybe I've been on blogger for too long, so learning something new has just been challenging, but I also feel like wordpress is just all around more difficult than blogger. I also don't know how I feel about separating the areas of my life now. I'm sure that if I actually am able to start a 2nd career from this, I will appreciate and enjoy the new space, but for now I just feel like I am taking away from this blog. I've also read so many blog posts on how to make your blog a successful/better site and most of the suggestions include creating a primary theme for your blog. In other words, figure out what you want your blog to be mainly about and stick with that instead of spreading yourself thin and making it about all sorts of things, which is what I have been doing. So does this mean that I want my main theme to be photography on my personal blog (a/k/a here)? Or do I want it to just be about my life, and therefore including professional photos would take away from the central theme?

So many silly thoughts.

Do any of you have advice? 

Or maybe if you are a reader of this blog, tell me if you would prefer to see photoshoots that I take here on the personal blog, or would you prefer that to be on another site?
I need help here people!


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