Sunday, July 22, 2007

my many loves

Jesus. John 3: 16; Galatians 2:20

Under the Tuscan Sun. I love this movie. Whenever I'm upset or pissed about my current relationship status, I usually watch this. I only wish someone would make a feel good, getting over past relationships movie that didn't include finding a new love at the end.
Pride and Prejudice. One of may favorite movies and books of all time. I think that it's because Mr. Darcy = the perfect man.
Orlando Bloom. Seriously, could there be a better looking man???

Mae- The Everglow CD. No matter what my mood is, this cd seems to fit it, whether I'm sad, happy, pissed, whatever. It's the only cd I know of that can do that. Plus, they write the most beautiful songs I've ever heard. If you haven't heard them, you need to. Carey Grant. Is there really anything else to say about him? OK, well he's British, handsome and I think one of the greatest actors that's ever lived. Albert Einstein. I wish that I had gotten the chance to meet him. He was intelligent, spiritual and seemed to be one of the nicest people. In some ways I wish I was more like him. The Beatles. When I was little, my mom use to sing me to sleep with their song "All My Lovin". I've loved them ever since. And in recently watching movies about them or with them, I must say my love for them (and Paul) has grown. I wish bands still made music like this! Grace Kelly. If I could be any celebrity from the past or present, it would be her. She lived almost every girl's dream. First a successful actress and then fell in love with a prince. Not to mention she was beautiful. To bad the only things we have in common are a name and the blond hair..... Starbucks coffee!!!!!! This is one of the few things that gets me going in the morning and makes work bearable. I also am a firm believer in Starbucks curing all moods. No joke, whether I am sad, angry, tired, whatever, a drink from Sbuck will cure it! My fave. drink is the ducle de leche which is sadly gone....
Ok, so I know that it is a corny 80's movie, but for me its a feel good movie. Not sure exactly why, but perhaps in watching it, it gives me hope that there is a boy out there like Blaine.....
The Berlin flag. I think that Berlin is one of my favorite cities in the entire world, mostly due to the history I'm sure. Maybe one day I'll get to go back....and in time for the Love Parade!!!
New York City. I first went there only for a day and fell in love with it. Then I went back to spend New Years Eve there. It's one of the cities I hope to live in one day. If only I was rich enough!
London. Another one of my favorite cities that I hope to one day live in or near. Again, I think it may be the history, or the fact that Prince William is there, or maybe how beautiful it is....or the history. Perhaps it's a combo.

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