Friday, September 24, 2010

day 23 of 30 days of me

day 23- something you crave for a lot
it's horrible for me and i try not to drink it that often (maybe once a week if that) but it's ohhh sooo good.


Koree said...

ohhhhhh i am sooo with you on this one! sometimes i feel bad for drinking so much coke, and i'll get diet coke instead. ha.

Velma said...

I am the same way!!
love the Beatles drinking Cokes!!!

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Oh gosh, I can't believe Coke has been around for a long time. We still have the bottled kind here and drinking it from the bottle makes me feel like I'm in some kind of classic movie or something. Coke was good then and Coke is still good now.

Whimsical Woodland said...

Ice cream! I could eat it everyday at every meal! Even if it would result in be ballooning up to the size of the Goodyear blimp.

Whimsical Woodland said...
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amylou said...

Love that Beatles photo!!
..and Coke is also a weakness for me.