Monday, August 8, 2011

5 loves on monday

Another Monday.... and my schedule for today is a bit different than it has been, because today I have work. haha... I guess at some point that will get old (or perhaps it already has). I am just so grateful to finally have one and some source of income.
Some other things to be happy about....the awesome list of things I've stumbled upon lately that I am seriously in love with.....

1. this coffee journal (found on pinterest)

2. an awesome fashion site I just happened to find:

3. this awesome minibook, made by the always inspiring elsieblaha

4. a new source of craft projects:

5. gossip girl. i finally started watching it and i love it!!!!
and i gotta say, im a little jealous, but my friend Danielle has met most of the cast!! **sigh, i might be jealous because i have a certain crush on Penn** (shhh dont tell)



Lisa said...

soo jealous i love gossip girl!

Joisey Dani said...

Yeah it helps to live in NYC and know where they hang out/when the CW Upfronts are.


Chelsea said...

hello, i'm chelsea. i stumbled across your blog via bloglovin', and i just wanted to introduce myself and say that i'm really enjoying your blog :]