Monday, April 23, 2012

5 loves on monday

Yet another Monday. I must admit that I was a little uneasy about this one. While I was excited to sub this morning, I also was on my own for a lot of things and wasn't entirely looking forward to it. But I have some great co-workers and I also underestimate it turned out better than expected.
Now I'm just home, resting and watching Lost.....I only have 2 weeks left to finish the series!!

Anyway..... 5 things I am absolutely loving this week:

1. this idea sounds so awesome! and i want to set aside a week to actually do this....

2. an awesome e course...and only 5 bucks! heck ya!
i already signed up....your turn!

3. I seriously want to live in this place! And the closet is to die for!!

4. This home has the most amazing kitchen! It also use to be an old school house.

5. and while we're speaking of homes...this blog has some amazing real life home tours. this linked one is my all time favorite though!


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mommaof3 said...

im doing project life an loving it