Thursday, April 12, 2012

52 lists in 52 weeks// week 45

Let's face it, we never love our work 100% of the time. It's still a 4 letter word....
But when I start to have a bad day, or am feeling overwhelmed at work, I always seem to go back to a certain list of mine.
A list of kid sayings. You know, cause kids say the darnedest things. *True story*

So I've collected a bunch of sayings my students have said this year.

Here they are:

4 year old: Pluto died.
another 4 year old: pluto is a dwarf planet
3rd 4 year old: is pluto for real life?

teacher: what happens next in your story (to 4 year old).
4 year old: the prince marries the princess
4 year old boys: ewwwww
4 year old girl: it's not gross, its beautiful!

me: why would you kid about that?
4 year old: cause thats what 4 year olds do

4 year old boy: i didn't want to laugh, Ms. Stapleton, my body made me do it. it wasn't my thinkin'
other 4 year old boy: how did your body make you do it?
1st 4 year old boy" its magical

teacher: (to 4 year old) its time to go home
the 4 year old: myself is on the way

4 year old: all the other kids left with their grown ups

2nd grader: see whats in the middle?
me: a heart!
2nd grader: that's how i feel about you

3 year old: stop being silly and hold my hand!!

4th grader: don't be surprised if i show my moves....

4 year old: i've had popcorn chicken before. it's chicken with popcorn in it.

4 year old: when i grow up i want to be a rocket man.

I love my students.
Enough said!!!

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Sandy said...

Can you tell me what exactly this weeks question is? Thanks.