Friday, April 27, 2012

52 lists in 52 weeks//list 47

34 weeks ago I made a list about work.
And today I'm making another one. Only instead of making it a completely positive list, this one is more of a realistic sort.

List 47: Things I've learned from my job. (And if you don't have one, you can be creative and make it "things I've learned from being a student" or stay at home mom (which is a hard-core job if you ask me), etc.).
The point though is to think of all the things you've learned from this area in your life. Whether they are good lessons, or non-examples (which my college classes would call them) that helped teach you what not to do. Everything is a learning experience after all.

My 2 lists (for my 2 jobs):

List 47a: (the law firm):
- When calling a business, one should really use proper phone etiquette.
- When in the lobby of a business, stay off your phone!!!
- Just because you think it's a rush, doesn't mean it is to everyone.
- Don't kill the messenger (in fact, be super sweet to them, because they may be trying to help you more than you think).
- Take your time. Get things done correctly.
- Being nice goes a long way. So go out of your way to be friendly.
- Life is more about who you know than what you know.
- When it's someone's livelyhood, be very careful how you treat it.
- Money tears family apart. Even in death.
- No one is perfect.
- Not all lawyers are bad.
- Always bring a sweater.

List 47b: (school):
- Most of the time kids just want to please you, so don't be so hard on them.
- Communication is everything.
- Go beyond what is asked of you. Everyone has to do it in order to be an effective team, so do it.
- Kids need love and attention. Like a lot.
- Any and every time they do something good, praise them!! It works a whole lot better than punishing them when they are bad.
- Don't yell or raise your voice (or try extremely hard not to). To get their attention instead create games, etc.
- Kid hugs are the best.
- They are still kids. They still need to act like kids.
- Give them as much outside time as possible.
- My singing voice should not be allowed! (or at least with older kidos)
- Younger kids seem to follow directions better when things are in a sing-song.
- Snacking is the only way you'll eat.
-Use the restroom as much as you can when you have a spare second (cause they are rare).
- Respect (for kids and adults) goes a long way.

So your turn...what's on your list??


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