Thursday, February 7, 2013

love story// stefany and michael

Stefany is the wife of my oldest friend, Michael. We've known each other since the day I was born and he's family. Then he met Stefany. And all of a sudden I had another sister. They are adorable together and have the most precious children. Here is their beautiful story.

I'm 28 and I've been married twice. To the same guy. Five months apart. This it the story of two anniversaries.

Michael and I met in 2003. He was a cart pusher at Wal-Mart and I worked in the photo studio at the front of the store. He would walk by all the time with his friend, drinking a diet Coke. When he got brave enough he would stop by and talk to me. He was so incredibly shy. So shy that he had his friend vet out if I would go out with him. We did about a week later, but I only told him I had about an hour just in case things were really uncomfortable or we didn't mesh well. We met at a local coffee shop and Michael was so nervous and awkward and was saying many of the wrong things, and in all reality it wasn't a great first date. Still, there was something about him that I liked and I gave him a second date anyways. Since then we have been together almost every single day.

We moved in together after 6 months, and got engaged on our year anniversary while in vacation in New Orleans. We didn't have much money so it was a long engagement that lasted 2 years. When we were financially ready to get married, we met with the pastor of our church and he encouraged us to make our living situation right and wanted us to get married right away...or we wouldn't be able to get married in the church. So, on Tuesday February 7, 2006, with just immediate family, we were married in a gazebo in a park downtown.
 Five months later on July 7(completey random that both days were the 7th of the month) we had a traditional wedding in the church.
 It is now 7 years later that we have been married and almost 10 years that we have been together. We now have 2 kids: Roman who is almost 4 and Milania who will be 2 soon. What could have been the end of a relationship at the get go, turned out to the beginnings of our lives together.

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