Tuesday, February 12, 2013

love story//mel

 Today's love story is by my boyfriend's sweet and lovely sister, Mel.  She and her boyfriend are one of the cutest couples I've ever met. You can tell how in love they are and how much they care for each other from the moment you meet them. And I love her story. It's perfectly written and explained.
Love: the funny thing about it, it that it is never quite the same. I love my mom. I love my dog. I love sleeping in. I love dark denim. I love my boyfriend... 
All of these things I LOVE, but each in their own, special way. 
What love is to me is actually more definable by explaining the things that it is not. It is not lust. It is not infatuation. It is not allowing yourself to be stubborn. It is not facing a problem with your partner/spouse that you both aren't willing to fix. It is not making decisions on your own.
What it IS though, is trying your hardest to always recognize the good and the importance of another. No matter how angry you are at your parent, or if you feel unappreciated by a spouse, or if you forgot to shut off your weekday alarm and had an early wake up call on saturday, all of these things don't make you stop loving what you love. It is actually the struggles and challenges that we have with our "loves" that eventually prove our love for them. Love is being selfless, being supportive, and being a believer. 
Lastly, to me, love is the willingness to grow. Grow from the person you were, into the person you are in love, because you know that by doing so, you are strengthening a bond with another and creating a happier life.

My love story is simple. This is the person who makes me feel all of the things i've mentioned above. He's the one who taught me how to love.


Amanda said...

Awww what a great love story for sure!

Julie / Bound said...

This is so sweet! I love how appreciative she is :)