Friday, February 1, 2013

love story//sarah and casey

Sarah and Casey

 This will be our 12th year together and 3rd year of marriage.

What we believe love is
For us we think love means home. Being a military family our location of home is forever changing. At one point it was Reno, Nevada. At yet another point it was Pensacola, Fl. But to me Casey will always be home. Love to us is when you look at that person and an overwhelming since of calm and safety come over you. I know I am home whenever I look at Casey. Regardless of where we are stationed, he is my home. That may sound silly or even odd but to us feeling safe and secure in our marriage is extremely important. It is one of the main reasons we made it through our first deployment. The feeling that even though we were not together physically, you are not very far from your "home".

 A story about us:
First Time Casey Met My Family:
The first time Casey met my family was July 4th, 2001. We were 15 years old and he came to my families BBQ. Casey walks into the party where all three of my Uncles were. My Uncles are LARGE, INTIMIDATING men! There my Uncles stood, palm pilots in hand, full of questions for Casey. They had a range of queries for him. From do you know who Bob Marley is to have you ever taken a Sex Ed course? I was mortified! Casey sat with them for over an hour, answering question after question. When they were done I remember thinking " Well... there goes my first boyfriend!" Luckily, they didn't scare him off It was actually a little later that day , as we were watching the fireworks, when he first told me that he loved me.

Moment I knew I Was Going To Marry Him
Casey and I rarely like to take the easy road. So Naturally, we attend college's across the country from one another. We tried to see each other as often as we could. Usually, I would fly to see him once every few months. It was during our Senior year of college and I was on my way to see him for the Thanksgiving Holiday. Due to the requirements of his school, he was unable to return to Nevada. So we decided that we would prefer to spend the holiday together. This was a big deal with my family, as we had never spent a holiday apart. I flew in on Thanksgiving Night. We had nothing planned and had to order room service from the hotel. It was sitting on the hotel bed, eating our makeshift Thanksgiving Dinner that I looked up at him and felt more at home there than I had in Reno. I knew he had become my family. He was the one I wanted to share all of my Thanksgivings With. Funny thing is, if you ask him when he knew he was going to marry me... it is the exact same moment.

The pictures are from: 1. first home from deployment; 2. shuttle launch in FL; 3. Our First Thanksgiving alone; 4. wedding

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