Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Valentine links

Valentines day links you might enjoy (hey, I did!!!)

10 reasons why my dog is my valentine.....I'm pretty sure I could add some too!

Some really cute Valentine's Day greeting cards. I seriously need one...or two...

This shirt is too cute. The have one for guys too!

Okay, so technically not a valentines day purse, but it is pink and i loooove it!

Fortune Telling Book of Love. Hm.....I wonder what it might tell me.

A cute valentines day mantle with some great valentines day craft ideas!!

I am in love with this little red dress. Perfect for going out!!

101 diy valentines day crafts!! This list makes me even more excited for this holiday!

So this is how you make a heart shaped cake.

Valentines Day fonts.

Some awesome Valentines Day gift ideas.

An incredibly cute DIY Valentine's Day idea for anyone in your life.

A super cute heart garland!

I love, love, love this mantle for Valentines Day. I kind of want to create one like it!!

Hmm.... I've never thought about an Advent Calendar for Valentines Day. Kind of a cool idea.

Alphabet Valentines Day gift for a loved one.

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