Wednesday, February 20, 2013

teaching geometry

This year was my first time teaching 3rd grade geometry. Talk about being stressed, scared, sometimes a little lost. And while I have amazing co-workers that have helped me incredibly (and are my life source at times) pinterest has been another life saver! I talked a while back about how pinterest kind of helped me become excited about teaching again during a low moment. It might sound silly, but the truth is, seeing all these amazing ideas from fellow teachers got me anxiously excited to work on fun projects with the kids while helping them learn.
So I decided to share some amazing projects, ideas, and sites by amazing teachers that I have used and loved. If you teach (or even have kids) you might find it interesting as well. Just make sure you visit these lovely ladies' blogs and see what other ideas they've dreamed up.

 This project has kids using toothpicks to create angles and shapes. I used it as a center and got some great examples to hang up in the room While I couldn't find the link back to the original site, this is where I found it (via pinterest). 

This parallelogram club poster has been an incredible help in teaching the differences of all the quadrilaterals. You can find the link to the original and it's owner here.

 Last but not least, here is a polygon printable that I found from a couple of sites. My students and I created the list together of polygons, their names, attributes (verticies, angles, sides), and what they could look like. Then it was up to them to create a foldable based on mine and how I modeled for them. When they were finished and graded, I put them up in the hallway bulletin board to show off.  You can find the original source for the above photo here.

Hope you enjoy these sites and projects as much as my students and I did. 
Next up is fractions!!! I've got tons of ideas and pins for that module!!


Sandy said...

Wow! These are awesome. I didn't like Geometry in high school at all because I didn't understand it. I cannot believe it's being taught in 3rd grade now. That's great though because maybe the kids of today will understand it once they make it to high school. My son who is now in college is so great in math it astounds me sometimes. Good for you for finding ways to make it fun and inspire your students. There should be more teachers like you out there.

Anonymous said...

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