Friday, June 12, 2009


I am somewhat annoyed with today.

Today I had my science methods class again (7 hours of hell). I walked into class, turn in my assignment, grab the assignment I had to revise and turn in Monday only to see that I had gotten an "F". Yup, an F, with a :) next to it. Who does that??? And I don't get "F"s. I just don't, but as my classmates and I discussed on our lunch break (as we sat around drinking $2 beer) our teacher is ridiculously hard in grading. I thought college was suppose to be more about learning. After all, college graduates always seem to say "Go to school to learn, don't worry about the grades. Then, in the end you will have learned something which will be how you get your passing grade." To those people I would like to say, "Please first meet my science teacher." I do not learn in her class. I worry about being late (one minute late and you have 5 points deducted from your entire grade), about how I will be graded on assignments, and about how she will view my presentations. This coming week with luckily be my last week. However for this class (and mind you I am taking more summer classes than just this one) I have 3 papers due, a lesson plan to write, and a presentation to give.

And now I am suffering from a horrible headache that even alieve, caffeine, and peppermint lotion on my temples can't cure.

Ok but good things........
- I get to see this amazing person soon!!! Only 1 week left.
- I have this week off from work to get work done.
- I have to make a photoshoot date this weekend (for my art class, but I am hoping to add in some fun photos as well).
-It's the weekend, which means late nights and sleeping in!
- I have a new feather mattress thing that has made my bed a million times softer and more comfy. Of course this makes it somewhat harder to get out of it in the morning, but TOTALLY worth it.
-My mom got a facebook. haha. Totally the last thing I ever thought would happen, but she did and I am proud of her trying to learn it.
-I have some amazing friends that put up with my crap and who I can confide in. They even watch silly chick flicks with me. What could be better????

Oh yes, and Leigh, Dan and I went to Jacksonville's 48 hour film project downtown Wednesday. Our friend Billy made a movie for the event and Dan (along with our friend Jeff) were in it!! Sadly Leigh and I had to get our picture taken by the Florida Times Union lady. You can see it here.
And to see Billy, Jeff, and Dan's movie, click here. Very funny.

:) so much love,


jessica said...

hahaha! I am totally ordering coasters of that print :)

where do I even begin! 7 days wow! Are you taking me up on my offer and coming early? when are you getting in? I am so excited!!!

Your mom is on fbook, my mom is on fbook. What is this world coming to! jk. I told my dad if he joined I would NOT be his friend, hah!

Sorry about school. total bummer. But your friends are right, as much as you hate this teacher it is better to focus on learning than grades, some teachers just don't get it.

love you lots!!!

hollysarah said...

thank you for the sweet comment on my blog! :)

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

jess- i will cry if you get those coasters. lol. i love you. cant wait to see you soon!!!

hollysarah- meant every word. you inspire me. :)