Sunday, June 28, 2009

tornado warning

So yesterday I get into my car from leaving work and I wasn't even out of the parking garage before I hear on the radio that there is a tornado warning for Jacksonville. I thought nothing of it since we seem to get those a lot this time of year and nothing comes from it. But then, I'm crossing the I-95 bridge and all these cars are pulled over. I look to see what's going on, and all these people have pulled over (on the interstate) and are taking pictures of something...that something being a tornado, headed right for us. I freaked out and called my mom (who was still at work) and told her to look out the window at it. I was honestly in a panic though, granted at this point it was a water spout and seemed to be getting smaller, but I have never been that close to a tornado before (at least that I was aware of at the time....long story).
I freaked out and circled back around to go back to work for shelter. Then, as I finally get around all the crazy people taking pictures, the stupid thing is gone. So in thinking "crap Dan's birthday dinner is starting soon..." I circle again and head home to change and grab the cakes I baked for his party. Of course, as I'm on my way, calling my mom to explain what I'm doing and that I am ok, it starts pouring so much that I can't even see where I am move right? Then I get a text from my friend Ben telling me about the tornado that was seriously a block from my house.
Luckily, I made it home safely (and as it turns out they were closing bridges from downtown, so had I not left when I did I would have been trapped). Ekkk!

The rest of my weekend has so far gone smoother....
Dan's birthday was last night. I made him (with the help of Leigh and her mom) a cookie cake and a better than sex cake (real cake name). They actually turned out pretty well if I do say so myself. (No pictures though....didn't have enough time).

And tonight we celebrated my bestie's birthday with yummie pizza and cookie cake (see a theme, haha!) (Pictures soon to come)!!!

In other news, our ac is out. Has been since Wednesday and can't be fixed until at least Tuesday. Now I may love living in Florida, but when it is over 90 degrees outside, the last thing anyone would EVER want is for the AC to blow. It's been hell. Luckily with work and so many birthdays I've been able to escape it a lot. Here's to hoping it's fixed ASAP!!!

Hope everyone is having a very pleasant weekend!
And so sorry for just a rambling post. I will try not to be so boring for the next, :)

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