Wednesday, June 24, 2009

much needed vacation

This past weekend was sooo much fun. I can't even find the words to explain it....
I finally got to catch up with one of the most amazing people in this world, Jess!
We went on photoshoots, watched a lot of Gilmore Girls (I so love that show), crafted, scrapbooked, lots of starbuck (ahem, Kbucks), ate and ate (soo much good food- i even like beets, go figure), some scenic traveling, and catching up.
I am so blessed to know her and to have had this past weekend. It was a much needed vacation. Especially after so much stress and bad news (in regards to a final grade and our AC).

Here are some pics and highlights. Enjoy! :)

Jess' living room. Love the quilt!

Jessica making us dinner. Not only was it healthy, it was so delish!

Our crafting mess. Ok-- my scrapbooking mess. Wow- how she didn't kick me out for making this disaster is beyond me.

The perfect dinner. Complete with a rasberry lemonade with blueberries drink. And amazing sweet potatos!

Hers and mine. :)

Gotta love the Hello Kitty towel. And I got to claim it this weekend! Woo.

Crafts + home baked cookies = YUM!!!!

A true Gilmore night. Complete with chinese food, hot dogs, Starbucks, marshmellows, and of course some seasons of Gilmore Girls!!!!

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jessica said...

Hahahahahahahhahahahahah! Seriously, I was laughing out loud! This is great! It was a great weekend and I am so glad you made the long trek up here. You deserve a medal. Love the pics and love my friend :)