Thursday, July 9, 2009

motivate me

As a fan of lists I have created yet another one.....

My list of goals (for the near future, or July--not sure which).
-Stop eating candy for breakfast. Yes take your time to gasp and be disgusted. I've gotten a ton of comments the past week or so about my eating habits, so I'm use to it. The truth is I need to just take the time to make food instead of grabbing what is in sight (which now tends to be candy).

-Go back to the gym. Another goal that I hope will help me feel better about myself and life. I'd like to go at least 3 times (2 at bare minimum). We'll see....

-More time for me. I have to admit that once I get home from work I am soooo exhausted and ready to veg. I also want to ignore the ringing phone and be around people that are actually nice to me (as opposed to most clients). But I haven't had a lot of time to create and I hate that.
---> I am working on this one currently. I've signed up for an art journaling class with
Ms. Kara for next week that seems perfect. If you want more information (or want to sign
up, I think there is still more space) look no further than here.

-I also REALLY need to finish developing photoshoot pictures so that I can finally post them. :)

Weekend please hurry! And bring motivation with you, pleaseeeee?!

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