Thursday, July 30, 2009

monday a few days late

Things have been crazy lately. While my life has been somewhat uneventful, I've been really sick lately. I still feel like crap, but I figured if I am feeling decent enough to drag myself out of bed to go to work, then I should make myself also write a new post.
All of these things have been looming in my head and I wanted to share them.... so here you go.

The Monday list (a few days late) of things I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE:

1. Music I cannot get enough of lately:

2. Lofts in Jax.
Not that I have ever considered living in a loft, but after seeing these beauties and taking a look around the photo galleries, I think I may be in love.
The first one:

The second one:

(the closet may be the best part!!)
*** not that I could afford either of these any time soon, but it doesn't hurt to dream.....****

3. I love living in Florida. I LOVE our beaches!!!!
East coast, west coast, north fl, south, fl....doesn't matter. They are all different and all sooo pretty.
I think there is no sunset able to match one at an FL beach....
(Jacksonville Beach)

(Pensacola Beach)
** I tried to find pictures of Los Olas (Ft. Lauderdale Beach) where I grew up, but they wewn't very decent...
But I am happy to say that I will be adding a new collection of beach pictures soon...... (can we say vacation??!!)

4. Which brings me to #4. Things I love: vacation. Beach vacation. Gettin away from everything and relaxing.
Got any guesses as to where it is I am going??
(I'm not telling until I get back). Call me supersticious, but hey that's how I roll.

5. Super cute finds. Like this wallet.

I saw it while shopping at this cute little store in 5 points. And then found it online.

Have a great rest of your week and weekend!!!!

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