Wednesday, July 15, 2009


This is what my book looks like so far for the music and art composition class (taught by Ms. Kara).

Here is the book I have been working on that I am doing in memory of my dad. It has letters to him (both what I wish I could say now and letters from the past), memories, pictures, things I wish he had seen, etc. It's just a simple and fun way that I thought would help me remember him.
I have yet to do the cover. This is usually the last step of mine because I want it of all things to be PERFECT. But my mom gave me a great idea for what to hopefully that will be done soon!!!

Now back to re-doing my room and hoping for some time to cook (yes, cook!!! real food!) and watch Lipstick Jungle!!!

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jessica said...

Kellie, I LOVE this book you made to remember your dad!!! I think it's incredible :) So is your music class book, too! So glad you are taking that class.

PS I just re watched Lipstick Jungle and it is so amazing. SO pissed it was canceled!!!!!!!!!!!!!! boo.