Thursday, September 30, 2010

day 24 of 30 days of me

day 24- a letter to your parents

instead of posting the letters, i just decided to actually write my parents. i did take a photo though, just to prove i actually did write them!
these 2 are for my mom and step-dad.

we already know how i feel about my mom....she's the best thing since slice bread (and we all know how much i love bread.) she seriously is the best mom ever and one of my favorite people in this world. i love her more than i could ever express in words.

i wrote to my stepdad thanking him for all hes ever done for me. he has been there for me and my mom through countless ordeals, like when i had my wisdom teeth taken out and got sick from the meds they gave me. he stayed at my place all week long, making sure i was okay and making me food i could actually eat. i could never repay him for all the niceness he's showed us.

then theres one more letter i decided to my dad

a few years ago i decided that i would create a memory book for him. its filled with memories (like his favorite drink or show) to pictures of us together. i also add notes every once and awhile, writing things i wish i could say to him. i took this time to write him another one. i miss him like crazy and i hate that hes missing out on such wonderful events in my life....but i know he's in a better place and thats what keeps me going.....


inspiration thursday (ode to dots)

just a little *dot* eye candy for your Thursday

ooooohhh and tomorrow i have a little (only not so little) surprise, so be sure to check back!! :)


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wednesday Wishes

thank you wednesday for FINALLY being here. i was beginning to think you weren't coming...

i wish.......

1. more people would sign up for the pen pal project for October. (there are 2 groups and the national group needs more pals.

2. that money wasn't such a big deal.
id buy a lot more pretty dresses, i'd feel less guilty for eating out, and i'd spoil people (especially my nephew and nieces) more.

3. an awesome halloween costume (that IS NOT slutty). why is it that once your become an adult, the only costumes they start selling you are slutty? can't i just be cute? and/ or creative?

4. a kitchen like one of these

(all photos found at

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

dear florida

Dear Florida,

Home to amazing cities such as Miami, Fort Lauderdale (and Las Olas), Orlando, Jacksonville, Pensacola, Key West, Naples, Tampa and so on.
and spring breakers!

Miami necklace found here

jacksonville necklace found here

and beautiful homes like this:
and celebrities

and insanely fun theme parks like universal, islands of adventure, busch gardens, wet and wild, disneyworld, epcot, animal kingdom, sea world......

and the most incredible sunsets ever (or at least in my opinion)

and the most gorgeous beaches

and home to the gators, noles, hurricanes, heat, panthers, dolphins, marlins, lightening, rays, ice pilots, jaguars, and my favorite: ospreys!!!....

you are my favorite state. maybe i'm a bit biased and perhaps this is the only state i've ever called home...but still. sunshine state, you hold my heart. while i may sometimes complain (or more than sometimes) about your humidity, hurricanes, rainy summer weather, heat, and lack of winter, i do adore you. you are home.
love always,
found here
found here
found here
found here
found here
found here
found here
sooooooo....... your turn
What's your favorite and/or home state?
found here

found here

Monday, September 27, 2010

5 loves on monday

Monday loves.
Hope they put a smile on your face like they did mine. :)

1. etsy loves

like this adorable print that i want soooo badly. found here

and these cute little owl magnets! found here

and this cute yet funny card. i want it soo much! found here

2. this site/ store my friend Katie has created.
her handmade goodies are drool worthy and i cant wait to buy like one of everything for Christmas gifts (for my friends and family....and me....). Plus she's doing it to raise money so she and her husband can have another child.
Katie is by far one of the sweetest and most creative gals I know. I love her and this craft idea. So go check out all her cute goodies NOW. :)

3. an awesome giveaway from janel to win this beautiful art

4. these peach rings. one of my favorite candies!

5. this e-course by the lovely elsie flannigan.

yes, i signed up and ohmygosh am i glad. it's all about ideas for making minibooks and i think im in love! seriously, if i could marry her work, i would. ha!


Sunday, September 26, 2010

church picnic

No lie, I have been looking forward to our church picnic for about a month now. Besides the fact that I love picnics, the idea of the whole church taking part in it just seemed so quaint and awesome. As it turns out, the picnic was more fun that I even imagined. There was volleyball, hot dogs (and tons of other amazing food), a dunking booth, heads up 7up, music, tons of awesome people, and I got to wear a vintage dress from etsy and my cowgirl boots.
Here are some photos from today :)

all in all a pretty awesome day :)