Tuesday, May 1, 2012

52 lists in 52 weeks// list 48

List 48: 52 things I love about you.

The point of this list is to pick someone close to you to write a sweet things about. My list is for my momma, who's birthday is on Mother's Day this year. Although, I ended up changing the 52 to the age she'll be this year instead. And this list will be turned into a mini book that I'll give to her for her upcoming birthday.

I really loved making this list, mostly because I feel like I sometimes get too absorbed in myself in lists, but this one was completely about someone else. Plus, I'm thinking it'll make a great birthday gift. (And the mini book is on my list of 24 before 25!)



Tiffany said...

What a very cute and sweet idea! I love it!! I know your mom will love it too! :)

Han said...

That's a really cool idea :)