Friday, January 11, 2013

confession #1

 So I decided that this year besides trying to blog more, I was going to also start creating some more features. In the past I've been horrible at keeping up with them, so this feature will be sporadic. However, I think it will be fun. And if you feel like joining in, I'd love it if you left a reply in the comment section with a link to yours!!!!

So confession #1 of 2013............

I can't stand the Beastie Boys.
Most people I tell this too look at me in shock and horror,especially guys....this seems to be their band. And trust me, I tried to like them. I borrowed cds from old boyfriends and tried so hard to listen to them and like them, but I just can't do it. 
I still have their songs on my ipod too. (Shows how much I update the thing). I try to still listen to a song or to in hopes that I'll like at least one....but nope. I don't. Not even one.
Sorry Beastie Boys, but I'm just not one of the millions that adore yall.

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