Monday, February 25, 2013

baby photo overload

Yup more Keagan pictures! This past weekend we did another short photoshoot of the kid. He's just so adroable.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

teaching geometry

This year was my first time teaching 3rd grade geometry. Talk about being stressed, scared, sometimes a little lost. And while I have amazing co-workers that have helped me incredibly (and are my life source at times) pinterest has been another life saver! I talked a while back about how pinterest kind of helped me become excited about teaching again during a low moment. It might sound silly, but the truth is, seeing all these amazing ideas from fellow teachers got me anxiously excited to work on fun projects with the kids while helping them learn.
So I decided to share some amazing projects, ideas, and sites by amazing teachers that I have used and loved. If you teach (or even have kids) you might find it interesting as well. Just make sure you visit these lovely ladies' blogs and see what other ideas they've dreamed up.

 This project has kids using toothpicks to create angles and shapes. I used it as a center and got some great examples to hang up in the room While I couldn't find the link back to the original site, this is where I found it (via pinterest). 

This parallelogram club poster has been an incredible help in teaching the differences of all the quadrilaterals. You can find the link to the original and it's owner here.

 Last but not least, here is a polygon printable that I found from a couple of sites. My students and I created the list together of polygons, their names, attributes (verticies, angles, sides), and what they could look like. Then it was up to them to create a foldable based on mine and how I modeled for them. When they were finished and graded, I put them up in the hallway bulletin board to show off.  You can find the original source for the above photo here.

Hope you enjoy these sites and projects as much as my students and I did. 
Next up is fractions!!! I've got tons of ideas and pins for that module!!

Worth family photos

Here are some of the photos from this past weekend's family shoot I photographed. It was seriously fun, just like this family. They were so easy to work with too. Since I've never photographed anyone I didn't know (and I'd never met my friend Amanda's family before) I was a little anxious. However, the afternoon went incredibly. This is one of the most fun, creative, sweet families I've ever met. I loved it! 
So my favorite photos of the day.....


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

reunited with my camera

....and it feels so good.

This past weekend I had a photo shoot for a friend and her family. So I decided that while my camera was out (and since it had been a while), I'd take some photos around the home.
Sorry for the overload of pup photos...but that tongue kills me!

oh and my new car ;)


Monday, February 18, 2013


Link time!!! Because I love finding new sites and getting inspired.
Hopefully you do too!!

Okay, Maybe it's dorky but every year I look forward to the HGTV Dream Home. My mom and I always daydream together about what it would be like when (yes when) we win. I of course have never won (nor has she) but it's nice to at least dream about. And here is 2013's!!

I stumbled upon another new (to me) blog and I'm in love with it.

Insta this. An awesome site where you can get your photos turned into a work of wall art!

I'm a total sucker for weddings and wedding sites, so I love that I found this one!!!

I love this restored piece of furniture. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't get away with it at my home, but I would still LOVE it!

A whole entire board on pinterest about pumpkins?? My kind of gal!!

Custom print shoes!! She has some amazing ideas to choose from...Star Trek, Avengers, Chevron, Tribal, or name your own! I think I need a few!

I am completely in love with everything about this apartment. 

A seriously gorgeous photo of Italy.

I am incredibly addicted to The Walking Dead. I blame Steven.

An exhibit of anonymous confessions. People write their confessions in a booth and then they are posted around the art gallery. Such an awesome art project idea.

Kaelah's site links are some of the best. You can see this past week's here.

And speaking of Kaelah, she was a "ModCloth blogger of the moment" as was Kinsey, another favorite blogger of mine. And even Neyla from The Lumineers earned a blog post special on ModCloth.

Some seriously amazing ideas. Why didn't I think of that kind of genius!

Themed coloring books. OMH yes!!

So glad I stumbled upon this blog. It's just eye candy!

Sunday, February 17, 2013


....from the past couple of weeks.
via iphone and instagram (a lot of them are apart of my 365 project).