Sunday, June 30, 2013

link love

Another round of awesome links!!! Enjoy.

Make your own granola bars? Yes please!

A friend of mine told me about why Sabra hummus is being boycotted, but luckily I found a recipe for homemade! Win!

Toilet paper roll art, that actually looks awesome!

A new (to me) blog that I am trying not to spend my entire time on. But there are so many great ideas and DIYs on it!

Have you seen this show? My bestie introduced Steven and I to it and I'm hooked!

I'm really in love with this blog. Can I be her?

Ultimate tic-tac-toe. I should really teach my students this. It makes it more challenging! 

Brown-sugar blueberry cookies??  I'll be trying to make these soon!

37 Things that could only happen in Florida. (As a Floridian, I love this post!!)

Ever wonder how people create their own vintage ecards on pinterest and facebook? Check here and make your own! Here's mine:

This is so incredibly funny and true about dogs. Chloe fits a lot of them!!

Best Wedding Photography of 2012. These photos are absolutely genius and inspiring. I want to go photograph a wedding like right now!!!

Friday, June 28, 2013

today holds dear so many things

First of all, today is my best friend's birthday. I love this lady more than I could put into words. She is my confidant, my sister, my better half. We've been friends (and even roommates) for so long that I can't remember life without her in my life. And while it sucks that she lives so many hundreds of miles away, I love knowing that she has a wonderful guy to look after her. AND I have a free place to stay in DC. hehe

It is also the beginning of Erica's wedding weekend! And for this I am truly excited. So much work has been put into this for the past year and I can't wait to sit back and celebrate the marriage of 2 incredible people. Tonight is the rehearsal and then the all girls sleepover commences. Tomorrow is the big day and will be full of pampering, photos, and laughs. I truly am so blessed to be a part of this special occasion (even if I'm scared to death of giving the maid of honor speech!)  Can't wait to share pictures later this weekend!!!! (More are on instagram, #mcvaywedding)!!!


Monday, June 24, 2013

link love

These heartwarming photos really did help restore some of my faith in humanity!

I love this photo series. Such a cute idea.

I wish I could make a fort like this..... so dreamy.

Such a great centerpiece idea.

A certified green business that also gives back to the community. Plus they have some really great finds, that of course are sustainable and modern!

A new (to me) blog that I'm glad I found!

And a fashion blogger, whose blog I seriously am in love with!

10 words to stop misspelling. I love this! And I may need to put in it my classroom!!!

I think I have a new favorite online shoe store!!

And this online clothing store is to die for!!

15 unique guestbooks for a wedding.

This will definitely come in handy for one of my 26 before 27 goals (repurpose at least 3 things).

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros are coming out with a new album next's a song Premiere

Free worksheets- from planning a party to cleaning house.

I want one of each. These products are genius!!!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

life lately (via instragram photos)

 lots of walks with Chloe
 the start of pool dates with loved ones
 obedience school (and Chlo graduated!!!)
 birthday parties and surprises!

 and lots of time with my pup.

I love summer!!!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Keags turns 1!!

My best friend Jen's little baby boy turned one a couple of days ago and to celebrate she had an awesome beach themed party. She did an incredible job and I had to take tons of photos (especially of that precious not-so-baby boy). I'll try to keep the pictures to a minimum!


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

30 days of june...half way there.

A couple of weeks ago I made my own 30 days of June list. Since the end is slowly (or not so slowly) creeping up, I figured I might as well start tracking how I've done so far with my goals.

So things I've done so far.....
1. clean my classroom
2. have a girls weekend vacation
5. do something special to celebrate mine and Steven's anniversary
7. organize my classroom (however, looks like it will be moving anyway....)
8.  finish at least 1 book (2 actually!!)
9. sleep in some
10. stay up late
11. help plan a birthday party
16. clean up our home more (still working on this, but at least I started!!)
17. go to the pool and get some sun!
18. find my zip drive
21.keep up with my 5 year Q&A book (so far, so good)
22. start getting in shape
24. go a day without soda
25. start a new book
26. take pictures (Keag's birthday!!)
27. relax
28. enjoy the beginning of my summer

Not too bad. Especially for me!

Have you made a summer goal list? What's on yours?


playlist/ volume 3


playlist 3 by Kellie on Grooveshark

Monday, June 17, 2013

link love

Parents and teachers should read this, it's hysterical!! Kids who sold out their parents.

30 different challenges for 30 days. Pretty interesting ideas.

Make your own Jackson Pollock painting, online? Pretty awesome! (see mine, below)

Different ideas for homemade breakfast foods. Yum!!

Pretty sweet looking wedding cakes.

If you're a dog owner or lover, you gotta check these photos out!

Another reason I love Neil Patrick Harris- he's an amazing host!!!

I've been reading this series lately and am hooked!! They are so good. And I love the video one fan made,  posting pictures of who they thought the characters would look like....

Kind of in love with these shoes. And these. And these. 

This may be one of the cutest videos I've ever seen!! And it totally makes me want a kid!

So many people getting married and engaged lately, that I can't help but eye cute wedding things. Plus, these unique ceremony ideas are pretty awesome!

One of my favorite bloggers is having a shoe giveaway!!

Sometimes I really wish I was a kid still, but this list made me remember the reasons why being an adult is actually awesome.

Friday, June 14, 2013

playlist/ volume 2

 It's been awhile since I posted the first one....but since I've been listening to pandora nonstop lately, I've found so many more amazing songs.

playlist 2 by Kellie on Grooveshark

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A-Z// h is for....

h is for....Home
My home to be more specific.

This post was really difficult to write (which would explain the long delay between these A-Z posts). 
My home isn't exactly my dream place, nor is it in the condition I wish it were. It may have to do with the fact that I've lived here since my sophomore year of college, so it still feels more like a dorm than a grown up home.

It's crazy to think that I've lived in this place for 7 years now. It was my first place away from home (that wasn't a dorm) and it was my first homeownership.  This place has seen me turn from a shy college girl, to a professional with her shit together (for the most part anyway). And it also tells a lot about me.... for instance,  if I had to sum up my place in a few words, I would say "cluttered, dark, small, and messy." But I don't mean it in a completely negative sense. Thinking along these lines helps me to see more of who I am and helps me figure out how I want to change my place into what Steven and I both really want.
So before you start thinking that I'm this gross, homebody that needs to star in her own episode of Hoarders: Buried Alive, let me explain.....

It's cluttered because 1- I've lived here for so many years and accumulated a lot of crap, 2-because I inherited things from my mom, dad, grandma, uncle, and step-dad. Odd and ends have helped fill the place, but they don't necessarily go together. It was great during my college days when I just wanted something to fill the empty void, but now it feels, well....cluttered.  And 3- I hate tossing things. Steven has helped me in this area though, so I'm not as bad as I once was. But it's just so hard to get rid of things that have a memory behind it, or I think I might need (or use in the classroom). I had to face the truth though, if a giant piece of cardboard has been sitting in my closet for years, its very unlikely I'll ever use it and I need to toss it. Poor Steven has had a rough time with helping me figure this out, but at least I'm on the road to recovery!!!

It's dark, because unknown to me at the time of purchase, it's location doesn't get a lot of sunlight. Ever. So it seems more like a cave than anything, which is good for movies and sleeping in, but not for trying to be active or fighting being sad or depressed.

 It's small, because it's only a 2 bedroom condo. Actually, in size it may be considered smaller for a home, but for us, it really is the perfect size. For now.

And it's messy for the simple reason of I hate cleaning. I put it off for as long as possible and that's awful (trust me I know). Plus having  puppy who sheds and is getting potty trained doesn't exactly help either. But I'm working on it and I plan on giving it a deep clean in a week or so when school lets out.

In realizing the faults and cons of my place and knowing what I wish I had, I've also come up with some to-dos for our place that I hope will help turn it into more of a grown up home. Of course, a lot of them will take a toll on my budget and time, so they are more of long term goals.
- get hardwood floors for the living area
-get a new sofa
-new cabinets
-new lighting in the kitchen
-declutter the dining room
 -replace the bathroom hardware

PS. If you're interested, I've posted pictures every one and again here and here, if you were curious.


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

30 days of June

So one of my favorite bloggers wrote a post recently that really inspired me. Of course, it's not exactly the same as hers, because while she is planning on doing one thing each day, I can't commit to that. So what I will say is that my list of 30 things to do in June may happen sporadically, but I am a-okay with that.

So here are the 30 things I want to do in June:
1. clean my classroom
2. have a girls weekend vacation
3. finish Chloe's training (and feel like it was money well spent)
4. celebrate some friends birthdays (i think there's 4 in all)
5. do something special to celebrate mine and Steven's anniversary
6. so something a little special to say goodbye to my kidos
7. organize my classroom
8.  finish at least 1 book
9. sleep in some
10. stay up late
11. help plan a birthday party
12. write a kickass maid of honor speech
13. be a better friend
14. be a better daughter
15. take Chloe to the dog park (at least once)
16. clean up our home more
17. go to the pool and get some sun!
18. find my zip drive (ekkk)
19. get a message
20. wash my car
21.keep up with my 5 year Q&A book
22. start getting in shape
23. try a new food
24. go a day without soda
25. start a new book
26. take pictures
27. relax
28. enjoy the beginning of my summer
29. help my friend out with her wedding
30. get a pedicure

What would your list look like?

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Erica's bachelorette party

 Yesterday we celebrated our good friend Erica's "last night out". She's getting married at the end of the month, but we went out a little early. 
It was such a great day and I was reminded yet again how blessed I am to have such wonderful girlfriends. This little group of ours has grown over the years and I am so thankful for all of these gorgeous ladies and their friendships. 

Especially this lovely lady. the bride to be!