Wednesday, November 10, 2010

time for country

one thing that jacksonville is in no short supply of is country concerts.
brit and i have been taking advantage of that :)

any excuse to wear my cowboy boots.


~KS said...

Love all the smiles... looks like a fun time!
And the love wrist tattoo? Love it.

cuppy said...

You are absolutely gorgeous & your smile is just infectious because as I as looking through your adorable photos, I couldn't help but smile too!


The Girl with Pearl Earrings. said...

You look so sweet!:)
And i adore your hair color!

cuppy said...


I *just* got my mail & I had a sweet pressie from you !! Thank you so so so much !!! How cute & sweet are you?

I adore you so much I can barely stand it !!!

THANK YOU !!! xoxoxooxoxxoo

Elle said...

But the question is, who's concert was it??

Leigh said...

Looks like fun, wish I was there =(

amy lapi said...

omg i want to come to one! who have you seen? i loove country concerts. i've been dying to see sugarland, my favorite band. next time they come, we should totally go together!!

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

aw thanks for the sweet comments everyone!

lle- the first was jared neiman (sp?) and the second was a bunch of groups/singers. an all night event!

amy- yes! we should go to the next together! FUN!