Tuesday, November 30, 2010

hello there december

After reading my awesome pal Katie's blog and her super fantastic idea of making her own advent calendar for her son, I decided to make one for me too! A little daunting, but after tons of searching for ideas, I came up with my very own. Best part? It's super easy too!
So here's tomorrow's to do:

december 1: hang up my Christmas wreath

december 2: make my gift list

Wanna make your own?
Here are the steps in how I got mine together:

-construction paper (i used red, green and white...original, right?)
-markers (i used black, red and green)
-a clip board
-a binder clip
-my list of 25 things to do before Christmas

1-make your list of 25 things you wanna do before Christmas!
2- cut up sheets of paper. I split 1 sheet into 3 slips. do this for all your colors until you get a total of 50 slips
3- sort them out and label them (half get numbers 1-25) the other half gets the "to-do's"
4- i put a light green sheet of paper under the slips and over the clip board. (this way I don't have to paint the clip board, but the ugly brown doesn't show through. another note: i tried to make sure that since i used a light green under sheet i used dark green for the slips)
5- clip the numbers on top and using the binder clip, clip the to-dos on the bottom.

that simple :)

Oh.....and my list of 25 things?
You'll have to come back tomorrow for the other 23 things :)



Katie V. said...

Awesome! We are having a lot of fun with ours. I can't wait to see your list.

LivKit said...

Too cool! Love it!