Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween weekend (part 1)

Friday night: halloween party at my place
tons of food, friends, music, piano playing, beer pong, and cute costumes

a witch and her broom

pebbles and a cop

pebbles and bambam

mike the situation and bambam

ron jeremy, cop, and we forced justin to be a cop too

prisoner and strawberry shortcake

pebbles beats up bambam

ryan says that this use to be a nick show...guts? i thought he was doing roller derby....whoops

roomie love: pebbles and ron (rod) jeremy

perhaps my favorite the married couple dressed as tiger woods and former mrs. woods....niiiice

Saturday: Florida/Georgia game.
tons of craziness, drama, games, and friends. half of the time our phones wouldn't even work.
an all around good time, but i don't plan on attending next year....
Brit and I are neutral when it comes to this game....(we're FSU fans) so we stuck to a neutral shirt for the occasion....

some fans go all out...its crazy!

more photos to come (from sunday!!!)
lots of love,


Hearthandmade said...

i love the pebbles costume!!

Elizabeth said...

Love your costume Kel! So cute :)
Thanks for sharing!

Emme said...

you were such a cute pebbles!