Tuesday, December 14, 2010

dream home

The other day Steven and I started talking about what our dream homes would look like.... you know the top essentials. I must admit I have a long list for what I want, but I blame it on having thought about my dream home since forever. I think it's the HGTV guru in me. I get so many ideas from that tv network and I love a good house make-over or open house. :)
So here are some things on my list of my dream home:

1. a great space in the back.
something some what large for hosting.
something comfortable and welcoming
something maybe with a view?

2. a front porch.
one thing i love about jacksonville houses are their porches. i'd love nothing more than a front porch to decorate for holidays and enjoy with a good book in the spring :)

3. lots of room for my books + a book nook
i love books too much i'm sure, but i want a room (or just a wall) just for them. i also want a comfy place (or window seat) as my place to enjoy them.

4. a craft room
i am sooooooo sick of having my crafts invade my bedroom, making it look so cluttered. i hate clutter

5. lots of windows and natural light

6. a big and beautiful kitchen
i'm not a big fan of cooking (although I hope that will one day change) but for some reason the kitchen is always a big seller for me. i just love kitchens. i want a big one with lots of light. maybe then i'll want to be in it more to cook?

(all photos found either at HGTV(dream homes past) or weheartit.com)
What would your dream house look like?? Please share!


ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Ohhh I lurrve all these photos. You are definitely giving me inspiration. I am thinking of giving my house a new look for the New Year.

Hearthandmade said...

i have all my dream home pictures on my pinterest!!


brittni said...

I loveee all the pictures with the bookshelves. That's a MUST in my book (Ha!).

Lauren said...

Thanks for sharing those, i'm pretty obsessed with houses and have had to stop all watching of HGTV bc i can't afford one yet!!!