Wednesday, December 1, 2010

project you challenge

Awhile back I signed up to be a part of an amazing and uplifting project called "Project you". It's honestly something that every girl should look up and sign up for. It's empowering and there are so many wonderful ladies that contribute and make it such a fun and friendly space.
About a week ago they gave us a "challenge" so to speak.
The challenge? Focusing on positive attributes about ourselves and finding out what others see in us.
Part 1
Write a list of 10 things you LIKE about yourself. Not shallow or based on looks kind of things, but honest to goodness things. I struggled with this a bit....I always feel like I might possibly be considered vain if I can come up with too many, but a pessimist if I come up with too few. 10 seemed perfect.
Part 2
2. - Asking a loved one to write a list of 10 things they like about you! In this case, I picked 2 important people in my life that would be honest.

The point of this challenge?:
"I think it will be an awesome opportunity to show us all what qualities people notice and what we really do value in ourselves and other people."

My list:
1. my loyalty
2. my passion and drive
3. my sea blue eyes
4. my heart ( i try to give my all for those I care so much about)
5. my patience
6. that I'm willing to listen and hear others out before I make up my mind
7. that I'm open-minded
8. I'm willing to put others first and often do
9. my faith
10. my ability to dream

My boyfriend's list for me:
1. honesty
2. sexy
3. funny
4. smart
5. spontaneous
6. supportive
7. very caring
8. good cuddler
9. same interests
10. willing to sacrifice
11. generous

My mom's list for me:
-1. the most loyal, supportive friend anyone could ever have (or hope for)
2. generous to a fault- would give you her last of anything
3. so sweet and loving and kind, the best daughter anyone could ever hope to have- what a gift
4. warped sense of humor- always makes me laugh
5. beautiful inside and out- gorgeous ice blue eyes. great hair (although I still think of her as a blond) and the purest heart that loves all out, wide-open
6. honest and open with a delicate innocence that still catches me off guard at times
7. interesting- wide range of hobbies and interests- expands my horizons
8. loves God- a deep understanding and trust from a remarkably young age, awe-inspiring
9. focused, goal-oriented, hard-working. willing to do the work necessary to reach and obtain objectives
10. sensitive, caring, thoughtful0 truly cares for others
11. creative innovative- great ideas on fun things to do and places to go
12. fun! always great to be with
What would yours look like?


Danielle said...

This was such a cute idea! I love it! It is so hard to find things about yourself that you like. Especially when you have to share that list with others! :)

Hearthandmade said...

i agree with danielle! its always an interesting read but thinking about those things for yourself isnt easy!

Leigh said...

Things I Love About Kellie

1) Kind
2) Introspective
3) Thoughtfull
4) best friend in every way someone could be
5) empathetic to others
6) consistent (this is a big one for me)
7) Loves God
8) Not afraid to laugh at herself
9) Humble enough to admit when you're wrong
10) beautiful inside and out
11) The most gorgeous girl I've ever seen in real life!

btw, I got my miss indie hat! love it! re-sending your package i got back 2 weeks later =(