Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wednesday Wishes & ramblings....

Last night during our weekly girls night dinner my friend Sara made a very accurate and true statement about me....I will find a reason to buy anything.... like hello kitty band aids.

Most people might pass them up for cheaper band aids, or in the case of my friends' still have band aids from high school or have access to them at work. Okay, maybe I'm more prone to accidents which causes my great need to band aids (and cute ones at that) or maybe I just find even the smallest reasons to wear them like a paper cut (after all, if they're cute, why not??) This last statement of course is what prompted Sara's comment. Oh how right she is.... which also leads me to think that I might have a slight (or not so slight) shopping addiction. Which leads me to my wishlist (a/k/a my more humble Christmas wish list).

Side note: the list is somewhat long only because it's going to my mom, who likes lots of options, or maybe it's I that likes giving lots of options that way when I ask her to please only get me 1 or 2 things, I have no clue as to which they might be; therefore, keeping the element of surprise.
Oh and Santa, feel free to help her out this year :)
PS- this list is ONLY for my mom :)

1. another pair of toms. (red or gilded herringbone)
while it took me awhile to actually like the design of these shoes, my love for them is now HUGE and plus, it helps someone else out. beautiful story. :)

2. more shampoo. maybe john freida's brilliant brunette??
smells fantastic! my favorite shampoo (right up there with pantene)

3. viva la juicy by juicy couture
ok...maybe i snuck in one thing from my other wishlist.... ha!

4. hairspray.

5. a gift card
to maybe modcloth, or starbucks, or forever21.....
ok....well enough greediness on my part.
What's made it on your holiday wish list this year???


LivKit said...

Love your wishes! I buy bandaids all the time.. and I love the ones with kisses on them! and I get hurt all the time too which might be the method to me buying them a lot!

brittni said...

I'm jealous that you have girls night dinners :( I wish I had more girlfriends! I also like random band-aids.. I prefer snoopy :)