Wednesday, December 29, 2010

100 joys (part 3)

22. A sweet email I got from my boss that was sent to everyone in our firm, including me:
"As all of you know, I think, Kellie’s last day is Thursday, December 30. We are all extremely sad that she is leaving, but at the same time we are thrilled that she is going to be working as an Intern in a 5th grade class. I know this is just the beginning of a lifetime of teaching our children to become great students and citizens. Ham and I are extremely proud of you and are thankful for our opportunity to have worked with you for the last five years. You will be greatly missed."

23. Having work on my car that was estimated to cost over $400 only costing me

24. What I call the "gym" feeling. You know, how you somehow just feel more confident and like you are actually being good to your body for once. That's how I feel. Going to the gym also has provided a kind of release for me. I can take out all my annoyance and anger and frustration while on the bike or treadmill and by the time I leave, I feel so much better.

25. Sweet people that go out of their way.
Like the lady at the Courthouse who in filing papers for me realized I was some $ short. She offered to pay for me until I could come back and refund her.
Or my nurse who always is so kind to me because that's just who she is. And who also goes out of her way to make me feel comfortable and calm my fears.
Or my mom who gave up a vacation day to be there for a co-worker to accompany her during a personal matter (and they don't even get along).
The simplest acts of kindness mean the world to me and seeing them take place just gives me more joy than I can put into words.
26. Dogsitting Toast
He is seriously one of the best dogs out there. A little attention needy, but soooo darn cute.
27. My own dogs, Aubre and Coco.
In case you didn't know, I am a huge dog lover. I've had one all my life and the 2 I have right now are the cutest and best! Seeing them every Sunday makes my Sundays even better!
28. Jewelry for Christmas.
Maybe it sounds silly, but hey, I'm a girl and I LOVE getting jewelery for Christmas. My boss got me some awesome necklaces and bracelets from Forever 21 (my favorite!) and the boyfriend got me that coach watch I can't stop looking at (or talking about.....).

29. Giving.
I love to see the look on people's faces. I honestly prefer giving to getting.


Alycia ( said...

aw what a nice letter from your boss! and i like your other two lists too :) such a good idea.

Carrie Rosalind said...

Yay for joys! I love this list! :)

reanaclaire said...

hi..coming by to visit you .. Happy New Year!

I just wrote an email to you... hope to receive your reply.. thanks!

Michelle said...

That's so nice of your boss!!! I love this list! :)

Anzouya said...

That's a pretty joyful list! And the letter of your boss is so sweet! You must feel really lucky and special to have people who love you and appreciate you so much!
Happy New Year!

Hearthandmade said...

that was very nice of your boss!!