Sunday, October 2, 2011

52 lists in 52 weeks/ list 18

Yes, yes the Sunday list is a bit late (again), but let's just blame Sunday football. (That seems to be what my sundays now consist completely of anyway.....)

List 18: 10things i love about sundays:
(because sometimes it's nice to remember why the last day of the weekend is still a good day, hahah)

1. sunday football (i bet you didn't see that one coming did you?)
2. another sleep in day
3. another day to do absolutely nothing (should you choose to)
4. church!
5. it reminds me of my dad. sundays use to be our days together when my parents go divorced. i miss those sunday afternoons full of subway lunch, blockbuster movie scouting, and nascar races
6. one more day to hang out with friends
7. yet another day away from work to recharge your batteries
8. a day for family
9. the perfect brunch day
10. a day to recover from saturday, hehe

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Sarah Dawneé said...

Oh! I'm so behind on the lists!!!!

I hope to catch up on it very soon.

humel said...

Hooray, I'm all caught up! :) All lists now posted on my blog - and I even have time to leave a quick comment to thank you for this project, I'm having so much fun with it! x