Saturday, October 1, 2011

dear fall, i am so glad you are finally here

A short list of my life lately:
- decorated for Fall (and still trying to make some diy projects too)
-have been horrible at replying to emails and making the pen pal lists. So sorry everyone!
- broke my finger (which makes typing hard (also why i've been bad at replying to emails)
-been dealing with workers comp (on my finger) and its a huge pain in the butt
- have become even more addicted to pinterest (visit mine here)
- and instagram.... (kellzify is my name fyi...add me!)
- Toast sitting (love that dog)
-lots of time with the handsome bf
- went shopping (and spent too much money....but i did get this awesome dress):

- catching up on sleep
- trying to catch up on reading
- watching a lot of sports with the boyfriend (tonight FL and Bama are playing....which is the lesser evil???)

See you soon.
and i promise to get to my emails and pen pal list this week!!!


Sandy said...

I signed up for pen pals a long time ago. Not even sure if you got my info.

I'm sorry about your broken finger and dealing with W.C. I've been there and you're right it's awful. I was a single Mom when I had to deal with them and those were some stressful days.

I love the decorations and the dress. Love your Pinterest too.

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

Sandy, I thought I emailed you back. I am so sorry. I will double check and email you if I havent yet. Please forgive me!!!!