Thursday, October 13, 2011

inspiration thursday (halloween costumes)

It's finally that time of year again.... The "oh crap, I have nothing to wear for Halloween, if I make something I have 2 weeks, if I buy something it will cost half a paycheck, why didn't I just start making a costume last november" time of year.
Yup, thats exactly where I am. To make a costume? Or buy one? Or simply not dress up (which seems a bit anti-hallowween and therefore anti me).

So I searched high and low (on pinterest) and found these awesome/adorable ideas......

What are you planning to be this year????



K13 said...

Great pics!!

And NO it's not crazy to still be hopeful about Oct are YOUNG and it may not happen for a's a great "thing" to hold on to!!!

Lauren said...

I'm going old school and will be a skeleton this year. Just simple and fun! x