Sunday, October 9, 2011

52 lists in 52 weeks// week 19 (& the 10.10 annual post)

A couple of weeks ago the Sunday list was to list 8 stunning and beautiful things about yourself. The topic was one I found via this awesome lady and her amazing journals. Then this week I got to thinking about it again and my mind went in a different direction.... What I perhaps most about that list was that (for me at least) it forced me to look at only the positive and uplifting things about myself, which I tend to do very little of. However, the more I thought about myself via lists this week, I came to another conclusion. Maybe not everything about me is positive (shocker, right?) but some things just make me, me. They are the weird ans quirky things. The things we sometimes hide from others (at least in the beginning) because we're scared this odd thing about us may scare others off. But these things are also the things that make us so unique and awesome.

So, this week, our list is simply this:
"ME in a list....the good, the bad, the weird, the quirky."
The purpose of this list (however long or short you make it) is to open up and share things about us that make us individuals. It's silly to pretend we don't all have them and its even sillier to care if others will accept us for them or not (because the important people will). So spill!!

My list..... (ready or not):
1. i've worn glasses since i was in 3rd grade and contacts since 6th

2. i was grounded only once in my life and it was for a day

3. i use to put myself in time out when i was little (my boyfriend and his friends love these stories...apparently this isn't a normal thing kids do, haha)

4. sometimes i really wish my life were a musical, or at least it was for a day

5. i collect sock monkeys (and sock monkey anything, i have a hat and easter basket sock monkey as well)

6. i've lived in FL all my life

7. i've only broken 1 bone (middle finger) and it happened only 3 weeks ago

8. i've wanted to be a teacher since i was 5 years old

9. my mom is one of my best friends

10. i use to have an eating disorder (which only maybe 3 people know sharing it here was something i honestly debated about)

11. i hated middle school more than anything...i cried at having to go it was so awful

12. i have wedding fever really badly (if youre friends with me on pinterest, you know this haha)

13. i have a major sweet tooth, cupcakes are my absolute favorite food, by the way

14. i dyed my blonde hair brown a few years back after a break up and i have LOVED it, but i also know that one of these days i'll be going back to it

15. for 10 years i've waited anxiously for october 10th (which i've talked about here and here) in hopes of something out of the ordinary would happen. however, nothing has happened (yet). part of me even thinks i'm crazy to be still hopeful each year for this date when for so long nothing has happened. .....what do you think? honestly.

Well, your turn for making a list. Can't wait to read them!!
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Tiffany said...

You broke your middle finger 3 weeks ago? What dud you do? What hand?? I missed it if you already posted about it, but it is my middle finger that I screwed up 7 weeks ago~Weird!
I hope you are doing great!

Tiffany said...

*did :) I still am typing one handed :)

mel said...

You got contacts in 6th grade!? Wow. I was so creeped out my the thought of touching eyeballs... haha
on a more serious note, i think it's important that people share things like your #10. Who knows who is out there, reading your blog, struggling with an eating disorder. Now they know that someone they 'know' has gone through it and made it to the other side.
We are all very secretive about our negatives - myself included. It's brave to share.

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

thank you ladies!! and tiff- wow thats insane. we REALLY need to catch up!!!

K13 said...

I'm STILL loving doing the 52 lists...just wish more people were posting them on Flickr to share!!!