Monday, November 7, 2011

5 loves on monday

Usually mondays are my least favorite day, but I was really (surprisingly) looking forward to today. I haven't seen my kidos since Tuesday and I missed them!
And finally...a 5 loves on monday post...its been forever....

1. because they honey badger is amazing!! And he don't give a shit
(found here and on pinterest)

2. this from pinterest. cause its totally true!

3. chuck bass. lets face it, hes awesome (and cant wait for tonights episode!)

4. this site:
There are seriously tons of great crafts to do with your students/kidos. Seriously, check it out!

5. This journal list. 30 days of awesome prompts? yes please. check it out here:


Megan said...

i LOVE the honey badger video!!! soooo funny!

Nicole said...

ahh, love chuck bass!