Friday, November 4, 2011


The first several days of November I've been sick... like strep plus a viral infection sick. (All even after I wrote November a love note.....). Dang.

Instead of continuing to dwell on the bad, I'm focusing on the positive....
-my step dad is getting healthier
-im getting healthier
- my mom starts her new job soon (which also means this next week will be our last together at the old firm.... so it will be a special one)
- i've found some new music to love
- pinterest has given me tons of inspiration
- as have other blogs and i cant wait to start getting into crafts again
- i finished gossip now all caught up. cant wait for monday!!!
- i miss work. my kids. my co-workers. cant wait to see them monday!
- ive more than caught up on sleep. 3 days of sleeping and a tiny bit of tv have given me tons of rest and im finally starting to feel human again!!!
-i haven had soda in days (and im hoping to keep this up even after my sickness-grossness is gone!

And I found this (this may be one of my favorite sayings ever):

So starting tomorrow, I'm creating something. Whether I blog more, journal again, try more diys, or just work on my art journals, i'm doing something and its going to feel great!!!

Enjoy your Fridays!


girlunwinding said...

Amen sister, amen!!
Hope you have a joyful time creating yourself!!!

Leigh said...

glad you're up and running again!

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

thanks ladies.
and leigh- love you!!!